Electric bicycles are slowly but consistently taking over the regular bicycle spot. Drive it on paved roads or forest trails, the pedal-assist is there to help you everywhere. Long rides with children or steep climbs – its not a question anymore! And whats best, it doesn’t even matter, if the wind is against you or not, you will always arrive at works fresh and not sweaty. From our selection you will find electric bicycle brands like Stigo and Oolter. When choosing for an electric bicycle, be sure to look out for the weight of the bicycle, range and frame size. If you need any kind of help, feel free to contact us +372 600 40 99 or info@voltride.com. For more information, scroll down ⏬

Great electric bicycles doesn't have to be expensive nowadays. If in need, you may find them in everykind of price ranges but we in Voltride, have looked for the affordable ones, that still do the job. For example, with Oolter e-bike you get pedal-assist range up to 80km with one charge. If you have doubts, come visit our shop at Telliskivi 57D. When riding with e-bikes, we recommend wearing helmet all the time!

How to choose yourself an electric bicycle?

First of all, you would need to think if riding a bicycle is more likely a sporty activity for you, or is it just a cruising around the city in "leisure" mode? Or maybe its a means of transportation for short trips in city center where you would also need to pack the bicycle and take it with yourself sometimes? For all these scenarious, we have a solution!

Which electric bicycle would you recommend for cruising around?

  • Oolter EKE - Comfortable cruising bike for men
  • Oolter ETTA - Comfortable cruising bike for women
  • Stigo - Compact bicycle that's easy to take with you

Which electric bicycle would you recommend for quick city rides?