INMOTION Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading high-tech enterprise that specializes in the research and development of personal electric vehicles (PEVs). With a global footprint, their products are now sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

INMOTION was founded by a highly skilled technical team with extensive experience in robotics and vehicle dynamics, following their triumphant victory in the prestigious RoboCup competition in China. Since then, the company has grown significantly and now employs over 200 staff, including 60 researchers, who are dedicated to developing cutting-edge and intelligent products that improve our quality of life while ensuring our safety.

INMOTION’s focus on developing efficient and intelligent products is driven by their commitment to innovation and their vision of a smarter, greener future. Their dedication to quality and performance is reflected in their broad range of products, which are designed to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. With a strong track record of success and a passion for innovation, INMOTION is a key player in the rapidly growing industry of personal electric vehicles.

Inmotion V11

  • Car-like headlight
  • Effective motherboard (passive) cooling system
  • Water resistant design
  • 85mm suspension travel
  • 1500wh LG dual battery system with smart BMS

it has the world’s first built-in air-spring pedal suspension design, with up to 83 mm of vertical travel to absorb any bumps. In addition, the V11 is fitted with a 18″ by 3″ tire, ready to hit paved roads and also off-road trails. The side paddings are almost 3 times larger than the ones on the V10F, which will definetly take the riding comfort to next level.

Inmotion V12

  • Touch screen control (app built-in)
  • Anti-theft digital code lock
  • Safety warning system
  • IPX5 Waterproofing rating
  • Auto powerful 12w headlight
  • Updated motherboard with extra MOSFETs

The V12 marks InMotion’s entry into the fast and powerful 100V wheel space. Packed with a ton of features, including powerful Bluetooth speakers, a touch screen for displaying wheel stats and changing settings without the need for a companion app, ultra-customizable RGB accent lighting, adjustable pedal heights to allow for improved performance either at speed and while offroading (or somewhere in between), low and high beams to avoid blinding pedestrians, and much more, the V12 really can do it all!

InMotion V13 Challenger

  • Updated motherboard with 42 MOSFETS
  • Redundant hall sensor system
  • 3024Wh battery pack
  • Touch screen control (app built-in)
  • Anti-theft digital code lock
  • Safety warning system
  • IP55 Waterproofing rating
  • Auto powerful headlight

The V13 is the most powerful electric unicycle ever developed. With a 3024Wh battery pack powering a monster 4500W motor fitted with a 22″ tire through a state-of-the-art extra-beefy controller! And the fun doesn’t stop there. It features a removable dual-adjustment suspension system (air suspension and damper) for a safe and comfortable ride, dual grab handles for lifting all 110lbs of pure power, and all the convenience features we’ve come to love from wheels like the V12, such as a screen, trolley handle, powerful headlight and taillight, and more.