Dualtron is the most widely known brand from Minimotors and a Dualtron scooter can be easily recognised on the streets by its large logos, dark frame and fierce design elements. All Minimotors Dualtron electric scooters have been designed to give out the maximum amount of top speed and acceleration relative to their size – the ride is crazy. Although speeds are limited to 25 km/h (or even 20 km/h) in many parts of the world, riders looking for adrenaline can push their scooters to the maximum on racing circuits and private off-road areas.

Dualtron Storm – Power scooter with swappable battery from Minimotors.

Dualtron Storm is the most advanced sportive electric scooter to date from Minimotors, with exceptional features and many improvements compared to the previous generation flagship, the Dualtron Thunder. These new features include a swappable battery, upgraded folding mechanism, reinforced kickstand, newly designed platform, and a footrest.
The folding mechanism of the Dualtron Storm is improved compared to the Thunder with double tightening rings – no more handlebar problems. A swappable battery gives the user an opportunity to charge the battery separately from the machine. Just take the battery with you and forget the hassle of carrying a heavy scooter up to your apartment. The newly added footrest gives riders extra comfort when going fast and uphill. Just adjust your stance how you like it and pull the throttle.

Dualtron Storm LTD – the newest power scooter from Minimotors.

The main difference with many other power scooters is the fact, that Storm LTD runs on an 84 V system, which makes it quite an exceptional “beast” scooter. It’s also one of the few scooters that comes with a steering damper and rubber deck. The Dualtron Stirn LTD is obviously packed with all other possible features that Dualtron has to offer for its 2022 flag-ship scooter!

Dualtron Thunder – the most legendary scooter of them all!

Dualtron Thunder was one of the first worldwide known power scooters from Dualtron back in the days!

Dualtron Thunder II – upgraded version of the first Thunder.

Dualtron Thunder II is basically the original Thunder on steroids. It features a newly designed footrest, a wider folding clamp, and other minor upgrades!

Dualtron Achilleus – the newest addition to this famous line-up.

Dualtron Achilleus is re-designed and upgraded Thunder. It comes in two colors – black or red!

Dualtron Victor – a mix of Thunder and Storm.

Dualtron Victor is just as the name says – a mix of the Dualtron Thunder, Storm, and even Dualtron III. It’s a great all-around scooter that doesn’t weigh as much as really big scooters. Yet it comes with all the necessary features and abilities to take you wherever needed and still be one hell of a foldable scooter.

Dualtron Victor Luxury – upgraded version of the old Victor.

Dualtron Victor Luxury features new rubber deck and super comfortable footrest compared to regular Victor. It also features the new, much wider, and more stable folding clamp that will leave the wobbly rides to past. Dualtron Victor Luxury is like a true fighter jet.

Since there are a lot of Dualtron models to show then here are some classic models which you may already know about. The latest and greatest are the Dualtron Ultra 2 with a 72V 35Ah battery and powerful electronics. All models have adjustments available on the display for fine-tuning the riding experience. An extra fingerprint sensor can be added for extra safety and peace of mind when leaving the scooter outside for some quick shopping. 11″ wheels and a maintenance-free suspension system help the rider to plant as much power to the asphalt as possible.
The best way to find a suitable Dualtron model is to visit one of our stores and have a ride!

Dualtron City is a true trailblazer, as no other widely known scooter brand hasn’t introduced an electric scooter with 15″ inch wheels before. Nevertheless, we in Voltride think that it’s one of the coolest scooters in 2022! Come have a test ride at our store and see it for yourself!

Dualtron Mini or Dualtron Mini Dual Brake is a compact choice for anyone looking for power and range common for Dualtron models but in an everyday electric scooter. At 52 volts and 17.5Ah, the DT Mini battery is equipped with LG cells which is a nice step up from the Speedway Leger or Mini 4 Pro and a great way to enter into the quality of Dualtron scooters. The scooter also features a newly designed folding mechanism which will definitely make you the envy of your city!

Dualtron Eagle Pro is the bigger brother of DT Spider. More powerful motors, a longer platform, more range and top speed make it a great light-weight power-scooter for cities and some light off-roading. 1344Wh battery gives some extra peace of mind when riding long distances. Since it also fits nicely into a car and can be lifted with not much effort, Dualtron Eagle Pro makes the perfect choice for some looking for Spider-like design but a little more range and speed. Longer platform is also more suitable for taller riders.

Dualtron Compact is a powerhouse for its size. The Compact features drum brakes coupled with ABS to ease the maintenance, and eight inch solid tires so you don’t need to worry about flats.  A 60 volt 21Ah battery pack with LG cells will give you up to a 75 km of range. The 8 inch and ultra wide rubber solid tires in the Dualtron Compact will make you never have to worry about flat tires. The tires are also easy to repair and maintain thanks to the removable wheel assembly.

Dualtron X – the soul of Dualtron and pinnacle of electric scooter design.

The Dualtron X is crowned as the new king of electric scooters. It raises the bar of road worthiness personal commute to a whole new level. The beast is equipped with steering dampeners and adjustable suspension, which delivers stable and smooth ride wherever you are. With Extreme 6,720 watt max BLDH hub motors, 13 inch ultra wide tires, 60V 49Ah battery pack with LG cells, the Dualtron X truly is the king of electric scooters! It is also the most powerful and longest distance electric scooter, up to 150 km.
With such massive specs and battery also comes a lot of weight. Be ready to get a full-body workout when carrying this beast up a flight of stairs. The Dualtron X is foldable like any other electric scooter and it will fit into the back of a regular sized car – if you’re strong enough to lift it.

The Speedway series scooters have been designed to be “tamed” versions of Dualtron electric scooters. With their big battery capacities, powerful motors and aggressive design, Speedway models inherit their most important features from Dualtron scooters but package it into a suitable package for riding in the city. In addition, all Speedway models are available in black and white colours.

Speedway 4 and Speedway 5 only seem to be a generation apart from each other but their differences are clearly noticeable. Speedway 4 is a lighter model with a single motor and around 60 km of range. In turn, Speedway 5 is a dual-motor scooter with 75 km of range and weighing aroung 8 kg more that Speedway 4. The newer model also has upgraded suspension, mudguards and other smaller details.
Choosing between these two if quite a challenge and especially when it comes to choosing between the pearly white or dark black colours.

Speedway Leger has been designed to be the most compact and light-weight everyday electric scooter available from Minimotors. It features a new folding system, which makes the riding in long term more reliable and holds off the most regular problem with folding scooters – loose handlebar. Leger has both front and rear suspensions and the newest Minimotors LCD screen. It’s a great choice for commuters, who look for something compact, yet powerful enough to ride up to 50km in one charge.

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