GPad Storm Ultra has arrived!

Storm is the newest addition to the GPad power scooter line-up! Stay in control both on the city streets and off the beaten track. GPad Storm Ultra is an inevitable choice, if you want to have your city rides as comfy as possible whilst not being afraid of steep hills, bumpy roads, or longer distances to cover. The scooter is convenient to fold and easy to grab on your way upstairs or to place in the car trunk.


  • Next-generation LCD display with high contrast illumination makes the ride information visible under all conditions
  • Front and rear rubber cartridge suspension
  • Fitted with 10×3” street tires
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • Footrest platform for conveniently accelerating
  • Extra safety latch for the folding mechanism

GPad Storm electric kickscooter comes in three versions:

  • GPad Storm – the most lightweight version with one motor
  • GPad Storm Max – almost as light as regular Storm, but with a bigger battery and two motors that give you the extra torque
  • GPad Storm Ultra – well, nothing to explain here, except that is a regular Storm Max, just on steroids (explanation: more power/torque)

PS: There is also the possibility to fit winter studded tires under the GPad Storm scooter.